Sunday, November 20, 2011


We had our Young Woman Evening of Excellence tonight.  It was a chance for each of the girls to show off the Personal Progress experience they have been working on this year.  Back in January when we did our New Beginning they each set a value goal they wanted to work on.  Tonight they were recognized for what they have accomplished.
I worked on faith all year.  My value project was to plant, care for and harvest a vegetable garden.  I took pictures of the garden this summer and shared those along with a few of the last tomatoes that I harvested.
 Each of the girls were responsible for setting up a display table about their projects along with a picture of themselves.  One of the advisers made the wood blocks with the girls names on them as a gift.
 One of the highlights of the night was a picture slide show of all the activities we have done this year.  The girls love to see pictures of themselves!  We served fruit, veggies and sweet breads.
Next year we will do some better planning.  We had Time out for Woman in Salt Lake all day yesterday, Evening of Excellence tonight and all the planning and prep that goes with Thanksgiving this week...and next weekend we are incharge of the ward Christmas party.