Saturday, November 26, 2011


Dad, Ant, Gregg, Me, Aaron, Tiff, Dallin, McKay, Lauren, Nate, David, Bryan {Lauren's little brother and Dad}.

What is a Quinn Family get together without a little adventure to Southern Utah?  We got up at 4:17 AM to head down to the red dirt to hike for the day.  We went canyoneering to the poison creek area and did Slideanide Canyon.
 We made "son of Paul" sweatshirt and surprised my dad with them {his name is Paul}.  This is all my sibling!  I can't believe we all made it {thanks to many babysitters} it was like the good old days!
Anthony, McKay, Tiff, Dallin, Me, Nate.
 Dallin planking.
 Gregg going off the first rappel which was 150 feet.  You can see McKay at the bottom.
The newly weds, Lauren and Nate.
 I like this picture because you can see how amazing the rock formations are.
{love his guy}
 Trying to shimmy around the first water hole.
You can really see how narrow the canyon is from this picture.
It was a tight fit!
 The second water hole was a bit more challenging.  The guys braced themselves against the canyon walls so us girls could use their feet as supports to make it across.  Unfortunately towards the end Dallin's foot slipped and he and I both fell in - it was COLD!  This picture is of Lauren going across - you can see this canyon was not kind to our clothes {don't worry those are thermals she is showing off not G's!}
This was right after the last big rappel before we started hiking out of the canyon.

We hiked pass this arch on the way out of the canyon and back to the cars.
We made it.  I think Gregg's clothes stayed the most intact out of anyone.  After I fell into the water Aaron cut off the bottom part of my big grey sweatpants and then tied the rest around my calves.  By the end of the hike my pants were shot and there were holes in my spandex underneath.
My dad's pants suffered the most damage!  Here is how the canyon was described in one of our canyoneering books.  "The canyon is hard on clothing and has a bed habit of 'showing a little cheek'."
The damage.
Thanks family for a great time
and a BIG thanks to my in-laws for watching our kids for 16 hours{starting at 4:30 in the morning}.