Friday, November 25, 2011

black friday.

So I talked my super cool brother Anthony {who is just younger then me} into going black Friday shopping with me- that was long before all the adds came out saying that stores were opening at 10:00 PM on Thursday night...he was a trooper and at 10:01 PM we headed out to see what it was all about.
We both DIED when we got to the "McDonald's intersection" in Park City and saw this line of cars.  We honestly didn't think that many people would be out shopping.  We were wrong.
Do my eyes look tired or what?  They hurt just looking at this photo.
It took us 30 minutes to drive about 2 miles to the outlets from the intersection of highway 224.  The entire time we were laughing about how crazy people are we were for doing this.  We had to park about a mile from the outlet malls and walk.  We shopped until about 1:00 AM {after a quick run over to Best Buy}.  We didn't buy a lot - the lines in the stores were crazy long and I didn't think the 'deals' were that great.
Every night this week the men have been going up to the St. Regis in Deer Valley to work out and then soak in the hot tubs.  I found these pictures on Gregg's cell phone so I thought I would embarrass them all and share!