Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Beginnings.

We had our New Beginnings program last night for the Young Woman in our ward.  I wanted to share a few highlights.  We had each of the Laurels and Mia Maids spotlight a Beehive - they did such a great job.  Our Personal Progress advisors put together a really great presentation on our 2011 Mutual Theme which is the 13th Article of Faith.  We decorated in black and white and all wore black and white to represent the difference between right and wrong.

The old YW presidency gave the girls a necklace {pictured below} for Christmas.  Tonight we gave the girls two charms to wear on the necklace.  One is a '13' for the 13th Article of Faith and one says "believe"
I made the boxes pictured above which we put the charms in.

We served homemade 'oreo' cookies and cupcakes with chocolate '13' on them.