Thursday, June 2, 2011


We had our first trip to the ER for stitches last night.  I am sure with two boys it will not be our last.
We were outside grilling some dinner when Truman decided he wanted to go to the golf course.  With his green golf club and a ball in hand he started to wounder down our landscaping rocks toward the golf course.  I had just stepped inside to get some stuff and Gregg was standing at the grill - Truman fell about 5 feet down some large landscaping rocks and landed on his back.  He didn't cry that much considering the fall - and his head did not bleed that bad - but - after a second opinion from aunt Tara we decided to take him in to the doctor.
Waiting in the ER.  Truman was hiding under his blanket from the other patrons.
 Waiting for the numbing cream to work its magic - watching a movie on the iPad {the iPad is great for so many things!}
 Ouch! {these are all cell phone pictures so the quality is not great}
The worst part was when Gregg and I had to told Truman down on the table so the doctor could stitch him up.  Four stitches and $175 later we were on our way to McDonald's for some fries.
This is what his head looks like this morning.  He keeps complaining that it hurts.
And, a bonus random picture that was on my cell phone - Truman taking a nap in uncle McKay's bed!