Sunday, June 5, 2011

bodie has a name.

Today Gregg blessed Bodie at church.  He did a really nice job and Bodie was good too {you know, no crying during the prayer}!  We had some family and friends come to support.

Grandpa Simons
Chris, Tara, Presley and Stella McGown
Brad and Amber Simons
Becka and Lincoln Cragun

Grandpa and Grandma Quinn
McKay Quinn
Aaron, Tiffany, Addie, Quinn, Enoch, Jean and Anna Hopkinson
Jake, April, Dallin and Mackenzine Trent

Tessa Dahl {one of my high school friends}
Brandon, Tami, Gabrielle and Tabitha Fife
Scott, Kristi, Tyler, Reese and Annabelle Phillips

And Dave McMaster from our bishopric also stood in the circle.

Bodie's middle name is Robert after his Grandpa Simons {Robert Keith Simons}.  We hope he will have a close relationship with his grandpa and follow his example of righteous living {Robert happens to also be Gregg's middle name and my dad's middle name}.
Thanks Tara for taking our family photo - Truman was already out of his Sunday clothes - he's two, can you blame him!  Bodie is concentrating on the poopy diaper he has on in this photo :)