Saturday, June 4, 2011

Addie's Baptism.

Adelaide Hopkinson was baptized today.  It was a very nice occasion!
It kind of made me feel old.  Addie was born while I was on my mission and I missed my little brother McKay's baptism because he was baptized while I was on my mission.  I am old.

Addie, Aaron and Tiffany.

We looked and looked and looked for a picture of Tiffany on her baptism day but we can not find it.  I wanted to compare.  I think Addie looks like a little Tiff - except Tiff had an awesome 80's mullet that I was totally jealous of!

Congratulations Addie - thanks for setting a great example to all the little cousins - Truman idolizes you and could not stop talking about Addie "going all the way under the water and blowing bubbles"