Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Walk to school.

Today was a state wide walk to school day.
Here in Midway everyone met at the town hall and then from there the kids could ride or walk to school.
 When the kids first got to school there were police officers greeting them and giving way pencils and the stickers pictured above.  Truman immediately put his on his bike with a little bit of pride!
 The PTA gave the kids oranges, apples and juice.
 I sat in the sky room with Truman while we waited for the bell to ring.
{I spy Luke}
 I spotted Truman's self portrait hanging outside his class room.
 And his cute teachers.
I sat in the classroom and watched their morning routine.  I kind of like being in the classroom, my time is just so limited with two other little ones at home. 
 I love this little guy and I am so thankful he is loving kindergarten.