Thursday, September 11, 2014

Nelson's birthday.

Happy First Birthday to our cousin Nelson!
We got together today with the Hopkinson Family to celebrate Nelson.
Grandma did it, she made him cry.
Truman snatching pizza.
Pete chillin' in his chair.
Nelson has always been the monkey in the family so his older siblings insisted on a monkey themed birthday party.  Addie made this darling cake for him.
Singing, candles and cake time!
Nelson and his mama.
Happy Birthday big guy.  He was so happy.
Party festivities.
Grandma, Jean, Quinn, Bodie, Addie, Truman, Anna, Grandpa.
After the party the kids took turns *practicing* their piano for grandpa and grandma.
Nelson enjoyed the show from his highchair ... still working on his cake!
Thanks Hopkinson's for a fun day!