Saturday, September 27, 2014

Last day to swim.

I love these two little boys so much!
We had such a fun summer.
Bodie showing me his twister.
I have been worried about this summer for more then a year!
I was so worried about having THREE little kids all at home all summer.  We took the first couple of weeks really slow- each week felt like a big milestone.
Truman's twister.
Today was the last day that our pools were open for the season so we took full advantage and swam all afternoon.  Gregg met us there after work with Pizza.
We had the pool to ourselves and the boys were slightly goofy today.
This is what all summer at the pool will leave you looking like! :)
I decided to keep track of all the hours we spent at the pool this summer.
Every day we went I would write down the hours on my calendar.

We spent just about 80 hours at the pool!

What a fun summer!
I was so worried about having three kids but I would dare say this was one of our best summers ever.
We are sad it is over.