Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Fall Soccer.

Fall soccer is in full swing, and we lucked out with an awesome team.
Truman's two really good friends in our neighborhood Jake and Luke {twins} are on our team and so is the neighbor across the street, another Luke.  There is one other little 4 year old boy on our team who is playing for the first time and although we don't know him, he is cute and the "older" boys love showing him how to play.  We didn't end up with any girls on our team again this season.
A little half-time drill with dad.

Pep talk
{Truman is number 14}
Luke W., Truman, Luke G.
Truman breaking away with the kick.

Look at the intensity in his face.

Here is a closer up shot of that face.
Here is Luke working his moves.
Corner throw in.
An end of the game cheer for the other team - I think it is going to be good season with these boys who are already friends!