Thursday, September 4, 2014

First day of Preschool: Bodie.

 This boy makes me laugh ... a lot.
There were SO many great photos of him heading out for the first day of school that I had a hard time narrowing them down :)

 He might regret this one later in life!
 Here is the most "normal" but why go with normal, the others show such great personality!
His first assignment after meeting his teacher earlier this week was to decorate this sunshine with things that represented him.  I think he did a great job, there is an octopus, lego guys, Yoda, a skeleton and all sorts of balls.
 At my request Bodie has the same teacher Truman did at this age, Miss. Camee.  Her personality is perfect for Bodie, she is so kind and patient and a little bit goofy!  After two years of watching Truman going to Sunshine Circle it's finally Bodies' turn and he couldn't be more excited.  He will go two mornings a week for two and a half hours.