Saturday, September 6, 2014

SF Quinn's visit.

Nate, Lauren and Tagg came to town from San Francisco for the weekend so we all got together at my parents for the day.
 Truman and Tagg.
 Tagg is so dang cute.  He loved grandpa and grandma's swing.
They don't have anything like that in the big city :)
 Pete was a little bit grumpy today, not sure why so grandma snuggled him lots.
 I caught Quinn giving her dad some loves.
 There is always a fire involved when Dallin is around and we are at grandma's.
 Although we are not in the picture (ha!) I had to document the craft room and the crafting that Lauren, my mom and I did.
 Lauren is technically "working" while they are here so this was a common scene.

So cute!
 Tagg and Pete.
Little buddies.
One month apart.
{and there goes Pete again, touching Tagg's leg!  Check out my post HERE where he is doing the same thing to his cousin Evelyn.  He looks like he is so proud of himself}
 Tagg is going to get him back and push him over!
 Pete's looking a little worried about that!
 Lauren does a monthly photo with Tagg holding his elephant so she asked me to snap a few for this month.  He is a little over 7 months old and cute as ever!