Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Swimming with friends.

We have lived at the pool this summer.
Even though school has started we have still been sneaking away to the pool in the afternoons as often as we can.
These boys have become best friends in a short amount of time.  When Jake and Luke {who are twins} moved to Midway in February they enrolled in Truman's same pre-kindergarten class, we soon realized we were in the same ward and living in the same neighborhood.  
Today at the pool they had contests all afternoon; who could do the best knee dive, standing dive, cannon ball, twister, etc.
Ah, to be a kid again.
I love Truman's face and body in these next pictures.
Bodie and Dad.
Gregg threw Luke in the air thinking he would just land in the water but instead Luke tucked and did a front flip-twister and I happened to get it on the camera.
Chicken fights.
Pete is completely happy watching from the stroller every time!