Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Let's Play Music: Green Turtles.

Truman started his second year of Let's Play Music.  This semester is called "Green Turtle Shells" and he gets to start playing the piano!  I get go once every four weeks to class with him.
He has had fun coloring the pictures in his music book.  He has really be into drawing and coloring since school started.
 I turned on his music so it would play throughout the house this afternoon and from the office I saw this ... him at the piano playing and singing.  I love at the end of the video when he looks over and sees me making a video.
I also filmed him writing his name in his theory book, for some reason the quality didn't turn out that great but it's still a cute memory. 
I feel like we have entered a whole new level of intensity with our music lessons!
Bodie and Pete {Pete attends as the little brother} are in their first year of Sound Beginnings {a division of Let's Play Music}, this semester is "White Horses" 
Bodie did this class a few years ago as 'the little brother' to Truman.  Pete LOVES when Echo Edna {the puppet} comes out each class.  He will sit wide-eyed and just stare at her!