Saturday, March 22, 2014

Road Trip.

This weekend my mom and I and Pete are road tripping to Idaho for a really quick visit.

I wanted my grandpa and grandma Quinn to meet Pete.
Pete's great grandpa and grandma Quinn.
 4 generation picture ... without my dad!
My dad was planning to be with us but woke up sick so he stayed back in Utah in bed.
 While I was at my grandparents house I took pictures of their basement for the memories, just going down there brings back SO many childhood memories.

My grandma also let me choose something from her china cabinet to have.  I chose a big crystal candy dish with gold accents.  It was my grandpa Quinn's mothers, Clara Quinn {my great grandma Quinn}.

I also spoke dibs on some furniture items and books from my grandparents basement!  I am excited to have some memories from their house in my own home.