Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Bodie's 3rd Birthday.

Today is Bodie's third birthday! 
We had a low-key celebration this year for obvious baby reasons!

Bodie is a ham, he has the funniest personality.  At age three he is potty trained {for the second time}!  The first time was about a year ago but he broke his arm shortly after and it made going potty by himself really hard so we slacked off until his arm was out of a cast - then we had to do some re-training.

He still takes an afternoon "quiet time" for about an hour and a half.  He always asks to have his "blanky" and a sippy cup of warm chocolate milk - and with in 10 minutes of watching a movie he is out!  In the mornings he is always the first one up, he is our early riser for sure, sometimes earlier then we would like to be up!

Bodie has an incredible vocabulary and has had one for years, he loves to talk!  He loves going to nursery on Sunday and lately has been singing primary songs all week long.  Last Sunday I asked him what he learned in Nursery at the Sunday dinner table, he quickly said "Jesus" - how does he already know the "sunday school" answer to give mom and dad so they will get off your back about it?!  We soon became distracted and were off that subject.  Later in the day I met him up in his bed for "quiet time".  When I walked into his room he was sitting in his bed and said, "mom, today in Nursery we talked about 'the wise man built his house upon the rock' and we sung it".  Proud parent moment, he does listen, and he is learning!
Bodie also loves going to school one morning a week.  Every single morning he asks "is today my school day" and every time we pass his school {which is usually daily} he says, "there is my school"

We have a current obsession at our house with squids and octopuses, hence the shirt he is wearing in these pictures.  We are constantly checking out the same Smithsonian book about the giant squid at the library and watching the same episode of Wild Kratts about octopus.
We can not wait for summer around here, Bodie loves to ride his bike, and run.  I hope I can keep up with these boys - I have a feeling we are going to be on the go a lot this summer.
Bodie was born with the best pouty face.  I asked him to do it so I could take a picture and document it.  He shrugs his shoulders forward, lets his arms hang long and rolls out his lower lip with his head hung as low as he can.  It's hard to take him seriously when he does this.
This morning he opened presents from the family.
Truman kept trying to convince Bodie that everything he got was really both of theirs!  Truman kept saying, "Bodie remember you have to share everything with me." I like how Truman staked his claim on this gift, four "B's" for Bodie and a "T" for Truman!
Bodie is still in love "teeny-tiny" things {see my post about Christmas HERE} so he was thrilled about these teeny-tiny Despicable Me figurines.
Opening presents from grandma and grandpa Quinn.
A visit from Presley, Stella and Tara to bring gifts for ALL the boys and to meet Pete.
I love how he always has his little figurines lined up watching him!

Bodie is not our best eater.  He pretty much lives on chocolate milk, strawberries, pistachios, "real" carrot sticks {not the little baby carrots - he likes the long carrots straight from the ground that need to be peeled}, and spoonfuls of peanut butter {which Gregg resorts to feeding him when he feels like Bodie hasn't eat enough for the day}.
Dallin and Becca made these awesome minion cupcakes for Bodie's cake.
{Thank you Dall and Becca - this new mom was just to tired to pull it off all on her own!}

We love you Bodie.
Happy Birthday.

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