Thursday, March 20, 2014


We have been getting together at my house on Thursday for some family time - and crafting!  Nathan and Lauren are in town for a month long extended stay and today my grandparents stopped on their way from St. George back to Idaho Falls.  They wanted to meet all the new boys in the family.
My mom with her dad and little Pete.

Grandma Arave reading to her great granddaughter Anna.
My mom and Tagg.
Grandpa Arave and his great grandson Pete.
My mom with her mom.
Bodie and his great grandmother.
My mom and I decided to introduce Nelson to Cheerios.  We had a great laugh and loved these pictures of his reaction!
"eww ... what is this thing"
All better ... until I put another one in is mouth!
The older cousins made a HUGE treasure hunt for the little kids - they were hunting all over the house inside and out!
Grandma and Pete.
Lauren, Tagg and grandma.
{Nate flew in later from Korea}.
I kept looking out the window to see this, cousins playing, love it!
Taggart Quinn
His cute smile!
Nelson Hopkinson
Nelson Hopkinson {6 months} and Taggart Quinn {7 weeks}
He just might be a football player some day, and then Tiff will thank me for this picture!
Pete {the runt, 3 weeks} and Tagg {7 weeks}.
The three amigos!
Pete, Tagg and Nelson
{it looks like Tagg is about to get really mad!}
Nope, just Pete - Tagg was pulling his hair!
They are so cute with their animal binkies.
Then we took away their favorite binkies and tried to make them suck these stash binkies ... they were not to happy about that!
Pete does not like to be cold - I usually have him wrapped in three blankets.  He takes the best afternoon nap right here on the sofa in the sun almost every afternoon.  Today he slept here forever!
Anna asked if I would take her picture.
After straightening her dress she said, "make sure you get my dress in the picture"
Love her!
 Grandma heaven right here - just chilling with two babies in hand!
I know this isn't the greatest photo but I LOVE it - Pete's hair is getting better and better everyday.