Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Quinn Thanksgiving.

We celebrated Thanksgiving with the Quinn family today.  Because the entire family got together back HERE for Dallin and Becca's wedding we aren't getting together again this year for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Today we celebrated with Hopkinsons, my parents and my grandparents.
We started off the morning doing a Turkey Trot, we had to burn off the pie we ate for breakfast.
Tiff's friend Anneka, Tiff, Addie, me {not pictured: my parents}  Mine was more of turkey waddle then a trot!
Me and Addie.

When we got home from the turkey trot I found this, Gregg and Bodie enjoying baby Nelson in our bed.
Gregg and babies, melts my heart.
Getting ready for our own.
Truman's turkey from school.  I love how he did the feet.
Stories with his great grandma Arave.

All the kids love Gregg.
My grandpa Arave reading.
Pre dinner naps for Anna.

Jean, Quinn and Addie learning to crochet from their great grandma Arave.
She had made them all the cutest dolls with little crocheted dresses.
Every once in a while Gregg would disappear - I would often find him in the office studying his computer screen very intently.  I finally went over to see what he was doing - he had downloaded a new book and was sneaking away to read it!
I also found him like this - cat nap.
I printed off Thanksgiving cross word puzzles and mazes for the kids to work on at the kid table - my dad stole one away and completed the entire thing while waiting for his dinner.
More naps.
We weren't very organized this year - we only decided about a week ago to get together and celebrate at our new house.  We have no furniture so it makes entertaining interesting - we did decided on two matching sofas for the great room, so I guess that helps.

Gregg didn't want a traditional turkey so we bought a small one that had been deep fat fried to try and then we splurged on a really good spiral cut ham.  Yum.  There wasn't much cooking going on - we played it easy this year and bought everything.

The folding table and chairs - it worked.
I put up the Christmas tree so it didn't feel so empty in the great room.
I love these pictures, I took about 10 but these are my two favorite.
Gregg and Nelson in a stare down.
I wonder what Nelson is thinking?!

We are thankful for our families, the gospel, cousins, health, and good food!
{those were some of the remarks around the table}