Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Certificate of Occupancy.

We got our certificate of occupancy today!!!

First things first.
HUGE kudos to Gregg for being the general contractor and passing our final inspection on the first try!  Amazing.  He did such an impeccable job managing subcontracts {and me} and building us a beautiful house - he deserves to feel proud.

It was one stressful day with alot of stressful days leading up to it!
It actually is a tender mercy/miracle that we got a CO today - we kind of were not ready at all.

It snowed today so four of our subcontractors that were going to do some easy, but very important work on the house {like installing the carpet on the stairs} didn't come at all today.  Since last Friday Gregg has been telling me to cancel the inspection today because we just were not ready.  When I stopped by the city last week I picked up a two page paper of some of the items they would be checking at our final inspection.  Part of our stress was just not knowing exactly what they were looking for.  I was telling the city inspector last week how I really just wanted permission to move boxes into the house and that we could live with family if we needed to until the house was done {we needed to be out of our rental for the upcoming holidays}.  She said most people don't pass on their first try but that at least we would have a list of what needed to be done - so - my train of thought was if they came today and generated a list of what needed to be done then we could get stuff done by Friday and have a reinspect on Friday and hopefully move in over the weekend.

Our inspector showed up around 2 - I was told it would be around 4 so I was shocked when Gregg came upstairs into the kids bedrooms were I was cleaning to tell me the inspector was here.  I immediately panicked.  Not that two more hours would have done me much good, the house was a mess.  I walked down the stairs and as soon as I saw the inspector I started to cry.  I big, huge, ugly, pregnancy, tired, cry.  There was no stopping it, I think it even took Gregg by surprise.  I immediately started to apologize and tell him we were not ready to which he replied "I can see that".  I heard Gregg mutter under his breath, "she's pregnant".

Once I could talk I explained that we had several sub's not show up today because of the weather and that really all I wanted was a list of items I needed to get done so that by Friday I could try again.

We walked through the house for about two hours with the inspector - when we were done I asked what the damage was.  He told me he was going to give us a CO but there were a few items that he wanted completed - for safety reasons - before we moved in.  I assured him we were not moving in until the weekend anyway.

He defiantly had mercy on me us!!!
This might be one occasion when my pregnant emotions worked in our favor!