Thursday, November 7, 2013

House Update.

This week ALOT changed on the house.
Here are some pictures from my iphone from the last week or so.
Master bathroom.
 Master shower {with two shower heads!}  Where the blue tiles are recessed back is a shelf for shampoo, etc.
 Our plumber filled up our bathtub and let it sit for two days to make sure the tub was set and that everything was working properly - I love to take bathes, especially when I am pregnant so I can not wait to use this.
 This is standing by the tub looking back at the master bathroom.
My vanity is on the left, Gregg's is on the right and you are looking straight back into the closet {which has not been installed yet}.
 This was me Friday afternoon at about 2.
The pouty face is exaggerated in this picture, but I really was crying and in a lot of pain.  24 weeks pregnant and the baby has been on my sciatic nerve on the right side so bad that I finally could not move any more.  Gregg called my mom's chiropractor and got me in ASAP to have him work on my nerve.  Thanks to my sister-in-law Becca who went with me and helped me walk in because I could not even walk.  By the end of the night I was moving boxes again - which I probably should not have been doing, but the work needed to be done.  Thanks for the picture Gregg to remind us all how miserable I was.
Master bedroom.
 Bodie playing basketball in the downstairs family room - the little door leads to their little fort.
 There is no rhyme or reason to the order of these pictures - just all pictures from about the last week of work on the house that I wanted to document.  I think most of the pictures were taken per request from my brother McKay on his mission.
Wow, one kind of clean room in our house.  The pantry.  It's still missing a set of white upper cabinets along the back wall and some dark open shelves along the left side.
This is standing in the back corner of the kitchen by the pantry door and refrigerator looking into the dining room and great room.
I am pretty excited about this paper towel dispenser that I designed and my cabinet guy made.  He wasn't super happy about making it because he is not into 'gadgets' but I told him I hate having clutter on my counter tops {except when I am moving, ha, ha} and with a young family I am always grabbing for paper towels so I wanted to design a place for them in my kitchen.  Directly behind where I am standing is our microwave - perfection!
Mud room, powder bathroom and laundry room are back there.
 Mud room / landing pad - the door leads to the garage.  To the left is a sliding door to the laundry room.
 The office in blue!
I love how it turned out and despite a lot people questioning my color choice everyone else loves it too!

 This is standing just outside the office looking back toward the great room and kitchen.
 Great room.
I have been up on those ladders cleaning windows.
 Piano room - view when you walk into the front door.
 This was taken standing in the back corner of the great room looking toward the kitchen and dining room.
Stairs going up to kids bedrooms and guest master.
The railing is still missing the dark decorative wood on top.
Gregg and Brad hanging a door in the kids bathroom.
 Future "girls" room.
I have been cleaning this house basically everyday for the last 10+ days trying to get it ready for us to move into.  What a lot of work!