Thursday, November 21, 2013

The fireplace.

So I had a little surprise of my own for Gregg while he was gone.  I worked so had trying to get little projects on the house finished up, I sometimes had up to seven contractors at the house at a time doing their thing.

One big project left on the house was getting the fireplace rocked.  It is kind of a focal point of the entire main floor {and of the upstairs also}.  Gregg was so worried about the rock not looking good, or that he would not like where the masons put a rock, or the color, etc.  I knew I could manage it without him and I really wanted to surprise him.  They originally told me it would take two full days - ha - more like an entire week and a filthy house!
 These guys did a great job and better yet Gregg loved it and loved that it was finally done.
The larger lighter pieces casing the fireplace opening and creating the hearth are limestone that we had specially cut.