Friday, November 15, 2013

The Move. Part II.

My family was so, so sweet to come help us move for the weekend.
Because we sold all our furniture from our other house and everything we could store was already here at the new house in our storage room, we didn't have that much to move.

Mostly we needed help finishing last minute things - and cleaning!  I can not believe how much cleaning I have done, my finger tips are raw.
Bodie and Jean cleaning the master shower!
My friend Tami had about an hour to come and help so she came and cleaned this shower {after Bodie and Jean!} - it was so nice of her and such a big help!  Thanks Tami.

My mom cleaning out drawers.
I don't usually clean with clorox whips but I have gone through 9 bottles of them getting this new house ready to live in.
Truman was in heaven to see his toys again.  We had packed most of them away, he and Enoch stayed busy playing.
{sorry they are blurry, I was running around the house taking quick iphone pictures to capture the memories}
The girls in the fort.
They were actually a huge help cleaning all the baseboards.
Addie in the basketball court picking up the trash from the lights being installed.

We haven't figured out the exact details on how we are going to finish the court.  About two months ago we decided to just leave it like this for now and focus on getting the rest of the house done - then we will do our research and figure out exactly how we want to finish it.

 Dallin has been a huge help at the house, he has come up from BYU a few days to help work on it.
This weekend he and Becca worked on installing door hardware.
7 kids at my bar, I love it.
Dinner.  We ordered in pizza and the kids were happy.