Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Wedding.

My younger {number 3} brother Dallin married the wonderful +Rebecca Winters {Becca} today!
We are SO excited - they looked radiant.

They met at BYU Jerusalem the summer Dallin returned from his mission to Finland.  Becca had already decided to serve a mission and followed through with those plans.  She served in Taiwan {returning home just a few months ago}.  It was everyones job in our family to keep Dallin single while she was gone {and give him friendly reminders of how amazing Becca was}.  He flew out to her home state of Georgia earlier this year when she returned and, according to Dallin, when he saw her at the airport he just knew she was {still} the one.

While Dallin was in Georgia visiting we would try to have secret conversations late at night with him to make sure everything was "normal" and "okay".  At night we would lay in bed and Gregg would say,

"I wonder if everything is okay with Dallin and Becca"
"I wonder if it is totally weird"
"Lets call him"

And we would.
On the other end we would get these little whispers from Dallin {because it would be so late back east} assuring us that it was "amazing" 

And can I just say that because he was not super interested in dating at BYU while Becca was gone he did spend a lot of time here in Midway with us and we LOVED it!
Flower by my sister Tiffany.
My sister-in-law Lauren and I get to help with hair and make-up.  It made for an early wakeup call, but it was really fun to be apart of her preparation.
My dad.
My grandpa Quinn and my grandpa Arave - who happen to be best friends!
Gregg and Bodie.
Cousins, Truman and Enoch.
Becca and Dallin Quinn.
Even boys prep for pictures.
I have no idea why no one could be serious.
My brothers, Nathan, Dallin and Anthony {not pictured: McKay, on a mission in Mexico City South}
The Quinn Family.
Paul, Valine, me, Dallin, Becca, Anthony, Nathan and Tiffany.
{not pictured: Elder Quinn}
The Winters Family 
{not pictured TWO brothers on missions}
The extended Quinn family.