Friday, June 22, 2012


 We went an a little camping adventure with cousins tonight at Wasatch State Park.  It was our first time out for the year.  Truman was so excited to see his cousins, he kept asking "are all my cousins coming?"  

left: Addie helping set up camp
right: Truman in his 'tent'
 Oh Jean, we love you and your personality!  I got some great shots of Jean... most of which are not blog appropriate!  Let's just say she was jealous that the boys got to go into the woods to go to the bathroom!  I know Jean, its totally unfair!
 Enoch is the master at roasting things over the fire - seriously, he is so patient.  He roasted perfect hot dogs and marshmallows for almost everyone.
He kept saying,
"my dad taught me ..." 
"my dad said to..."
 That darn smoke.
 Tiff is a trooper - here she is with her adorable husband...he is the scout master {and first counselor in YM} in their ward so he was on a camp out with his scouts.  When I first called Tiff a couple of weeks ago about joining us for a camp out she said, "sure, Aaron will be camping with his scouts that weekend, but we can make it".  Like I said, what a trooper!  Wonder-woman for sure.
 Anna wanted to be in on all the action with the big kids, she was not about to be left out {notice her marshmallow on a fork in her left hand, she was roasting it like the big kids}.
Also, notice Bodie in the camping chair in the background of the picture on the left - he was totally content there for hours watching everyone.
 She cleaned up the ketchup off her plate!  
Perfect picture to black-mail her with once she is sixteen.
 My number one tip for camping with kids - bring glow sticks!  They are perfect for when it starts to get dark,  They are safe, cheep and provide hours of entertainment.
They were all sitting on a rock pretending to be on a sail boat.
 Check out Addie's pose {far right} ... I am pretty sure that is the exact pose that Tiffany and I did in every picture we were in as kids ... it must run in the family.  I will try to find some old photos to post.
 Hopkinson's in their tent ready for the night.
And Anna contained in her pack-n-play.
So bummed I didn't get a picture of our family in our tent - or even a family picture.