Saturday, June 9, 2012


Today the boys and I went on a hike today with my parents.
We hiked about 5 miles of the Soapstone trail in the Uintas.
{Gregg had a long standing tee time at 8 AM with friends}
My parents were showing the Park City Stake girls camp ladies where to take the girls on their "5 mile hike" for one of the girls camp requirements.
{Check out Bodie in the picture above on my dads back, he looks dead!}
{I like the stick in his hand - there was a flower in his other hand}
 Bodie had the skills to walk, he just doesn't want to slow down long enough to actually do it!  
 Yes, I took my boys in their pajamas.  It was an early morning and a windy day so it was just easier to leave them in their pj's although they still got a little cold.
Asleep again, it must be comfortable on grandpa's back.
And the classic shot - can you tell I handed my camera to someone else? Bummer, it looks like it would have been a cute picture.  I need to remember to change my camera setting to auto {I set all the setting before handing my camera cover, all the person had to do is take the picture ... it was even on auto focus}.
Whenever you are in the Uintas you have to stop in Kamas at the Chevron for donuts and apple fritters.  The boy scouts in line in front of us bought the last apple fritters so Truman decided on a chocolate donut with chocolate frosting.