Saturday, June 23, 2012

Good Morning.

 Anna and Bodie in their positions of power watching all the morning excitement.
 Lemon french toast with berry butter {from The Pioneer Woman}
 The kids had so much fun playing football and sword fighting in the dirt.
 My cousin Jenny and her husband Kyle joined us for the camping chaos - they were troopers to put up with   all the kids.
 Gregg and Bodie on a morning walk.
 Addie is the cartwheel queen.  She would do cartwheels all the way up to the bathroom and back.

After a lazy morning we packed up camp and went to Red Ledges to swim {clean off} and play.
 Tiffany and I were laughing so hard when Truman cam over to talk to us with his super tight goggles on - they were so tight his left nostril is flared out.
 Lunch by the pool.
 Gregg was the pool entertainment - the kids loved being thrown in the air by him.
Truman discovered this week how fun the big pool can be with his life jacket on.