Friday, June 29, 2012

swim lessons.

We had swim lessons this week.  This is Truman before 8 AM on Monday morning ready to go - he was so excited.
I asked one of the young men in our ward, who is on the high school swim team, if he would teach Truman swim lessons this summer.  Some of our friends joined us for lessons and it turned our great. We just finished our first week and Truman's big accomplishments were,
1. pool side safety {learning to tell an adult before he gets in the water}, and
2. learning to float on his back.
Swimming to Chad.
Waiting for his turn in the deep end.
The best part about swim lessons is playing around at the pool after!  Chad is the oldest of four boys so they all came to the pool everyday to play.  Truman now affectionately calls the Patterson boys "the big boys"
The last day we ordered burgers and fries pool side.  It was a celebration of finishing our first week of swim lessons and a celebration of selling our lot at Red Ledges.

Selling our lot was a little bit hard just because it is the middle of the summer and we have enjoyed the pool almost every day ... but the ultimate plan was always to sell it {and make some money} so we are glad that finally happened!