Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fathers Day.

 Happy Father's Day 2012
Gregg and his Dad.

{can you tell that they are super thrilled that I asked to take their picture together?!}

Gregg is a fantastic dad.
He is so enthusiastic about playing with Truman and Bodie.  It will be fun to see how our family dynamics {and parenting dynamics} change as our boys get older.  Truman affectionately calls Gregg "the dadster".  Currently Truman and Gregg have been working on their golf and baseball "skills".  Truman is in a Dr. Seuss phase right now - Gregg reads "Sneetches on the beaches" and "The Lorax" so well - it's captivating.

Gregg's Dad {and Mom} live right down the street from us.  We love having them so close - we get to sit with them at church and have them over to play {and they are great about babysitting}.  Gregg's dad is so patient and kind.  Truman thinks his grandpa Simons is pretty cool because he has a basketball hoop in his office!  

Truman calls Grandma Simons 'Grandma Lynn' {her name is Lynn} and so he often calls Grandpa Simons 'Grandpa Lynn'.  The only bad part is Lynn and Quinn rhyme so sometime Truman get's confused about who's house we are going to {Truman always clarifies by saying "grandma Quinn's - you mean McKay's house?"}.
Nice Gregg.

My dad is out of the country so I will share a picture from my wedding day.
My dad is the best, I am very lucky that my parents also live close to us and are such a part of our lives.