Thursday, June 14, 2012


First time out on the water this season - it was a beautiful night.
 Tyler out water-skiing.
 After Truman watched his friends Tyler and Reese ski he was all for trying it out.  I was more nervous for him then he was about jumping in the cold water and trying something new.  The Phillips have this great tube for teaching kids to water-ski.  The kids put their foot in a slot just like on a ski, but they can easily sit on the center of the tube and then stand-up when they feel comfortable.
Sure beats being held by your armpit over an old wooden dock by your grandpa - then hearing him yell "hit it" white your other grandpa starts speeding off in the boat dragging you behind!
That is how I learned to water ski.
I have lots of memories of skiing in freezing cold reservoirs in Idaho as a child.
Towards the end of his turn Truman was comfortable standing up.
So stinkin' cute!
 Everyone at the back of the boat eating dinner.
 Mom water skiing - I've still got it.
 Dad wake-boarding.
{look at how beautiful the scenery is in the back - love Midway!}
Scott, the driver.
 Truman trying to hold his hand over my lens so I would stop taking pictures.
 Cute Reese - she loves Truman.
 Annabelle didn't like the sound of the boat when we went fast.
 Tyler.  He is adorable with Truman, he treats him like a little brother.
Thanks Phillips Family for a fun summer adventure
{and memories}!