Thursday, May 10, 2012


 We decided to take surf lessons while in Mexico.  We found a cute surf shop when we were in Bucerias earlier in the week so we signed up then.  Because it is "off" season for tourist right now we ended up with private lessons.  Two teachers and the two of us.  Awesome!
They took this picture and emailed it to us - stretching so we don't kill ourselves.  I like that I am stretching with the surf board already attached to my ankle.  I already look like I don't know what I am doing.
Gregg was a pro.  Are we surprised?  Nope.  Let me just brag about him for a minute.  He is very talented and can do almost anything he tries.  We both had a really good time.

  The first beach we went to had no waves.  We ended up going to a 'locals only' beach that was beautiful and had no one in sight.  There was a guard just off the road behind a fence.  You had to prove you were a local and have your surf board in hand to get past him.  It was about a 15 minute walk down a dirt road to the ocean.  We felt kind of cool going there with our instructors.
I didn't know I married a surfer from Ft. Collins, Colorado.
Here is another picture they took and emailed us.  Kind of cool, both of us riding the same wave.

The waves were about 4 feet tall a perfect size for learning on.  They felt big as they came rolling up behind us but they didn't completely wash us away when we fell over in them {that was my biggest fear of surfing was that feeling of being swirled around in the ocean when you fall in a wave - I hate that feeling}.
 Any real surfer would laugh at this picture ... our "beginner" boards were HUGE!  But they made it easy and fun to learn.  I had a really good time {I was really nervous about trying to surf} and was able to 'ride' a few waves!
For lunch they did a BBQ on the beach for us - so cool!  And so yummy.  After lunch it was back to surfing.