Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Why is it when you hand your camera to someone else the pictures turn out so bad?  Such a bummer.  I guess I better start remembering to switch the dial to manual first.

Tonight we went downtown to explore Puerto Vallarta {technically we are staying in Nuevo Vallarta}.

We found this really cute shop that felt authentic.  We bought a few things here to remember our trip.
{Again, note to self, turn the dial to manual before someone else takes a picture for me!}
This is our rental car!
We discovered the bakery at Walmart.  I think it is pretty much amazing.  Its a good thing the Walmart in Heber does not have a bakery like this.
And I discovered this Crema de Avellanas Cacao & Leche.  I have no idea what that translates to, but it is good.  It's like nutella with vanilla pudding in it {I am not a big nutella fan but this stuff is good}.  I am going to smuggle some back to the USA to share!