Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Today we explored the cute city of Bucarias, Mexico {just north of Nuevo Vallarta which is where we are staying}.  My sister and her in-laws sent us a list of places to see ... I think we found them all.  It was like an all day scavenger hunt {from memory} because I left the paper at the hotel that told us where to go.
There were cobble stone roads.
Lazaro Cardenas is the street they wanted us to find and we did!  It has cute shops, art gallerias and restaurants all along it.
One of the landmarks we were looking for as we walked down Lazro road were these steps painted like a piano that lead us over an old dried up canal and to the street vendors.

"Paseo del Beso" - Road of Kisses.
This is were all the 'junk shops' began.
Gregg has never liked walking by these junk shops that you find in almost any country; I love it!  I love the authentic ambiance and the people yelling at you "goooood price today" "gooood price for you" -in their thick accents.  It makes Gregg uptight and nervous.
{I felt right at home ... the building are painted just the like Zermatt down the road from our house!}
This is what I came all this way for ... fish tacos ... my favorite food, ever!
I think this is the restaurant my sister was trying to describe to us as a great place to eat and get flavored water.  Here was her exact description
"In the block just before the canal bridge there are some big yellow gates on the left, the menu is painted on a sign on the gates.  You walk down a little path past the guy prepping your guacamole and there are some nice bathrooms there and they will seat you under a big palapa overlooking the beach"
 I am hoping this is the little crepe shop my sister tried to describe for us.  We were walking all over looking for it {I think Gregg thought I was a bit crazy, remember I didn't have the paper with the description with me so I was just trying to remember what I had read}.  Gregg is the one who spotted it and when he did I was elated.  Again, here  was the description of how to get there

"If you keep walking straight out {of the town square} and down a block or two there is a fun little crepe shop.  It is on your left, just down the road to the beach a little and right next to another little cafe"

Remember we are in a foreign country with no street signs or address, just the name of the city and about how many block from the beach this restaurant is - and we found it!
I had forgotten Tiffany said to order the lime and sugar crepe.  We go the apple, tequila, maple syrup and cream crepe.  I am not a huge crepe fan, but it was good.