Saturday, May 5, 2012


 We are in Mexico for the next week on a vacation {with no kids} and to celebrate our 7th wedding anniversary.  Gregg really likes vacationing in Hawai'i {who doesn't} but plane tickets are expensive right now.  We started looking at other 'tropical' locations and found Puerto Vallarta {on the Pacific Ocean side of Mexico and at the same latitude as Hawai'i}.  My sister Tiffany and her family come often because her in-laws own a place right on the beach.  We booked the trip and then asked for their recommendations {and also found out my brother Nate and his wife are coming down in a few weeks, we should have timed that better}.

We went to Cancun {on the Caribbean side of Mexico} a few years ago and liked it.  I like exploring new places and Gregg is a good sport about it {he would go to Hawai'i every year and call it good}.  We didn't realize until we started traveling today that it is Cinco de mayo.  We have asked a few Mexicans about it and according to them it is a bigger celebration/holiday in America then in Mexico.