Sunday, May 6, 2012


After a wonderful 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep {!} we headed out to find the church in Ixtapa.
A few people spoke English! We tried really hard to follow along in the Sunday school lesson titled 'Eternamente en Deuda'  The teacher had written all the scripture reference on the board and would point to them as they read them.  It made it easy to follow along in our English scriptures.

My sister warned me that the chapel had an awful smell and it does!  Awful is an understatement.  It smelled to us like mildew {after a quick inspection of the entire church we discovered its the only room with carpet and fabric seats so it very well could be mildew the high humidity climate}.  Can you die from inhaling too much mildew? I am worried for the health of the members that attend in this chapel.  
It was a really nice building, not at all what I was expecting, its not right in the city either.
The driving is a little bit crazy.  Why do you have to get in the far right-hand lane to make a left-hand turn?  That can't possible be safer then the way we do it in the USA - they are crossing ALL lanes of traffic to make a left-and turn {and we never quite figured out when/how to enter that far right lane to make your left-hand turn}.