Friday, May 11, 2012


 Yes!  We worked out.  It felt really good to workout, layout and then eat out {!!!}
 There is something about orange Fanta and a foreign country, they go so well together.
We read to our hearts content.  The only book in this pile that didn't get read was John Grisham's "The Confession" and we both read "In Pursuit of Elegance: why the best ideas have something missing"  It is a business book that my dad thought I would like.  It has been on my shelf for over a year so I threw it in. I loved it so much I had Gregg read it.  He is now having my mom read it and then it is off to Connecticut for my sister-in-law to read.  

Bill O'Riley's new book "Killing Lincoln" was also in the pile to take but Gregg grabbed it and read it in the two days before we left.  He said it read like a history book.  
 Tonight we went back to Bucerias to try one of the many good-looking restaurants we saw there.  We decided on this Italian restaurant and it did not disappoint.
The ambiance was the best.
 I first learned about gnocchi on a tirp to Italy ... so good.
 Gregg and I pride ourselves in our homemade margarita pizzas so every change we get we order one to compare.  Although this one was good and very similar to what a pizza in Italy is really like, we like ours better!