Sunday, May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - Idaho.

 My parents have been out of town for the last week, so you know the routine I was left to "babysit" McKay.  We jumped in the car Friday afternoon {with Bodie in the back seat} and headed to Idaho to visit with family.  I must say, going to Idaho is like going home.  I was born there but we moved to Park City when I was two - so it really isn't home, but a lot of my family is there so I have fond memories of visiting there often as a child.
 Bodie discovered Grandpa Arave's pretzel stash in the office
{He was crawling on his forearms because he had pretzels in his hands}.
I found Bodie washing grandma's toilet with my toothbrush, awesome!
A visit with Grandpa Quinn {Bodie's Great Grandpa Quinn}
Grandpa showing Bodie his latest toy.
Look how happy he looks!
I think every baby loves grandpa Quinn.  When I picked up Bodie to leave he started to bawl and reach for my grandpa again.  I told my grandpa I would gladly let him take Bodie to High Priest group on Sunday!!
 Crew making pizza's with his Grandma Trent.
 April and Mackenzie.
One of the main reasons for our road trip was to meet this guy, and to see his mom!
{a sneeze}
 This was so cute - Sawyer is four months old and rolling over.  Bodie laid down on the floor and mimicked him.  It made me feel like Bodie was so old.
 Sawyer (4 months) Bodie (15 months)
 Sunday we celebrated my aunt Ilene's birthday.
 Crew was helping his grandma blow out her candles and Dallin wanted in on the action!
 After church I asked Dallin what 'reverent' looks like and this is what I got.
The sun finally came out on our drive home.

Thanks everyone in Idaho for the fun time!