Sunday, May 22, 2011

too much water.

This is our friends house at the top of Lime Canyon {the canyon we live in}.
This is what happens when it rains too much!

Saturday night they started getting water in their basement.  This was the scene today after church.  I think the entire YM organization showed up to dig them out.   Gregg was at there house 5+ hours helping out.  They basically had a RIVER running way under ground {not surface water} from the canyon run off leaking through their foundation.  
Brother Nielsen in the cup of the backhoe trying to get one of the sub-pumps to work.
I like this picture - the men watching.

My girlfriend had just planed new trees and flowers.  We carfully took them all out of the ground and put them back in there pots - I told her in a couple of days when things dry out and they make sure the pumps are all working correctly I will come up and help her 'fix' her landscaping.  So sad.