Saturday, May 28, 2011

jean & anna.

Picture overload time...
We had my sisters two youngest girls today for a few hours.  Jean and Truman {26 months} are the same age and so are Anna and Bodie {3 months}.  I got up early and left a house full of sleeping people to go walking with my girlfriends - when I got home Gregg was holding down the fort - four kids under the age of two!  The first thing he said to me was "we have three poopy diapers." After changing three poopy diapers two of them decided to poop again.  So within about eight minutes of being home I had changed five poopy diapers.  Phew.

Of course I wanted a cute picture of Truman and Jean sitting by each other, maybe even giving each other a hug.  I got this will do!  It shows their personalities a lot better!

The Hopkinson kids have the best eyes in the world to photograph!
They sure love each other - when Truman got up from his nap today and Jean was gone he kept asking "where Jean?"
 Oh Anna - we love you even though you had a tough morning.  Tiff said she wanted to photograph her kids in all their expressions well, here you go...Anna mad at Aunt Millie for trying to take pictures!
Typical Anna face - it's almost like she is saying "how dare you take my binky from me"
 Like I said, the Hopkinsons have the best eyes.  I thought Bodie had blue eyes...not compared to these!

 'Hungry Bird'
 Bodie {11 weeks old}
 Is that a smile?!