Saturday, May 21, 2011

book club.

I know I just did a post about book club - but here comes another one.  I was late with the last book club post and we only had three weeks between meetings this month.

We read The Double Helix by James D. Watson.  It is about the scientist who discovered the structure of DNA.  Kind of interesting - especially knowing what we know now about DNA.  Biology is probably my worst subject so the 'science' behind it all was way over my head - but there is an interesting story to be told.

I would give this book one* star out of five.
{*disclaimer: I reel really bad saying that especial because the discovery of the structure of DNA is so important - James Watson did receive the Nobel Prize for the discovery! - the one start is not because the book is written bad - its because its not the type of book that is particularly interesting to me but, that is the great thing about book club, it forces you to read things you might not otherwise read} 

The food Bonnie prepared on the other hand was amazing - as always.
Here is what the menu read;

~ Teas ~
Tazo Passion Herbal Tea
Tazo Honeybush Herbal Tea
cream and sugar

~ Mint Lemonade ~

~ Lemon Buttermilk Scones with Currants ~
Devonshire cream, lemon curd

~ Sandwiches ~
cucumber mint on squaw rounds
egg salad with dill on wheat bread
chicken curry salad on white bread

~ Simple Spinach Salad ~

~ Cheese Assortment ~
Double Cloucester with herbs, Dubliner, Red Dorset

~ Fresh Fruit ~

~ Dessert ~
pot de creame au choclate with candied edible flowers
pavlova with whipped cream and fresh berries

{picture from a phone camera}

I had one of EVERY THING {and even two of some things!}
Pictured above is the edible snapdragons coated in sugar - so good.

Amazing Bonnie as always - thanks!

Next we are reading The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.  I have read this book before but I am excited to read it again!

And, as a side note my dad has me reading all sorts of books about raising boys!  Gregg and I just stated this one called Boys Adrift by Leonard Sax.  I HIGHLY recommend it.  Gregg comment today way "every school teach and principle should read this book."