Saturday, May 22, 2010


Today was my long anticipated woman of steel triathlon and we woke up to SNOW.  I thought they would cancel the bike ride because of the wet roads.  But instead they canceled the swim because we would have all had hypothermia!  It was 34 degrees when I started the race.  Burrr..luckily I threw in some long spandex.
Instead of swim, bike, run we did a run, bike, run.
Me and Truman before the race.  He was a good sport.  We woke him up at 6 in the morning and then he hung out in the cold rain outside in his stroller during the triathlon.
So, instead of a swim they made us RUN, bike, run.  I have been swimming twice a week for the past two months on an all womans club team so I was bummed I didn't get to swim.  I could do the swim much faster then a run.

Someone gave Truman this cow bell to ring.

Starting the bike.  This transition looks so much more crowded then it felt.

Truman thinking, 'why am I hanging out in the rain this early in the morning?'

Done with the bike, now for the second run {I was not thrilled that I had to run twice}.
Here is what the transition area looked like. I am in there somewhere hanging up my bike and changing my shoes.
This is a funny picture {and not very flattering!}  I never saw Gregg and Truman at any of my transitions, except right here.  I was just starting the second run.  I heard Gregg's voice and turned to see him holding Truman in one had and the camera in the other.  It was the only time I saw them the entire race and it made me so happy {I am waving in the picture}.
Truman enjoying a big chocolate chip cookie for breakfast.
I did the triathlon in just under an hour and a half.  It felt really good and I was happy with my time.
There was a photographer taking pictures so when I get those I will post them.

PS- Doing this Triathlon was one of my 2010 goals. Hurray. Done!