Monday, May 17, 2010

monday, monday.

I have always wanted to ride my bike from Park City to Midway but I have been to scared that I couldn't do it.  Finally after two years of saying I was going to do it - I did it!! 
{unfortunately the wind was not in our favor - it was a little sketchy riding in the wind on highway 40}
McKay, Gregg and I rode from my parents house in Park City to our house in Midway and no one died!  McKay is an animal on his bike, he would stop periodically and wait for me.  When we got to Midway my mom had dinner all ready for us. Thanks mom.
As soon as we got home from our bike ride it was off to Gregg's baseball game {make that THREE baseball games}.  Here he is running into home for a score.
A hit.
Kind of a cool picture.  That is Gregg getting ready to pitch.
Gregg pitching.