Sunday, May 2, 2010

Puerto Rico.

The cruise started and ended in Puerto Rico.  We spent the day with a tour guide getting a tour of Puerto Rico - as you can see it was raining.

If I lived in a foreign country {technically Puerto Rico is not a foreign country since it is part of the US common wealth} I would love all the fresh fruits at the market - not to mention all the fruits and vegetables that we don't get here in the US {main land}.

I highly recommend the $30 umbrella stroller for traveling with a toddler {or baby}.  Truman loved it - we never left our room without it - even if we were just going to dinner. It's small, light weight and cheep so if something happens to it it's no big deal.
Thanks to my dad and his awesome trip planning we went on a tour of the botanical gardens in San Juan {seriously, my dad should be a travel agent in his next life - if you have ever been on a trip with him, you will understand.  Every minute of every day is planned}.  

ginger...if I remember correctly.

Gregg trying to fit Truman into his rain poncho.

"I'm singing in the rain...just singing in the rain..."
I don't think Truman realized it was raining - he was so happy and goofy.