Monday, May 31, 2010

memorial weekend.

We went to Idaho this weekend to meet this cute guy, Crew.
I love his face in this picture.  He looks like he is so mad at me for taking his picture.
Get used to it Crew!

Lindsey {my cousin} and  Crew.  We missed you Abe.
Yes, that is Truman in a dress.
What a cute girl!
My mom bought some new summer dresses for Truman's cousin Jean.  I told her Truman needed some summer clothes.  Next thing I knew she had changed Truman into this dress without anyone noticing.
Great Grandma Arave chilling with Crew and my dad playing countless hours of ball with Truman.
Truman exploring the glass window with McKay.

My uncle Joel grilled hamburger in the rain and made Grandma Vira baked bean in the garage for our celebration.  
Because of all the rain we had an indoor BBQ and lots of indoor games.

Truman and Crew enjoying their bumbos.
On Sunday the sun came out for a minute so we all headed out on a walk.  Afterward Joel got out his dirt bike for McKay to ride.  Joel tried to ride McKay's fixy bike.

Ilene with the kids.

On Monday morning my mom, McKay and I rode our bikes from my grandparents {Araves} to my other grandparents {Quinns} and then through the long rolling Idaho farm roads to Trent's house.  I wish I had my camera because the fields were so pretty.  Maybe next time.
Thanks everyone for a great, relaxing weekend.