Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy New Year!
We are exicted for 2010 - Gregg and I sat down and wrote some goals for the new year.  We try to only make realistic goals that we know we can/will accomplish.  Some of my personal {but not to personal} goals are:

- do the Woman's Triathlon in May {again}
- get caught up on the family scrapbooks
- learn how to use my camera, external flash and Photoshop
- do a family hike once a month {in the summer}

party over!

I also want to be a better blogger {although I am not sure exactly what/how I want to do that/it ...}  I enjoy blogging and I usually enjoy checking in on other peoples blogs.  I sometime struggle {wonder} what the purpose of a blog is.  I feel like there needs to be a purpose or audience {of relevance} in order to justify my time blogging.  Does anyone else ever feel that way?  I never know who I am writing too.  Who is my audience?  Does anyone else ever wonder who their audience is?

PS - are people going to say "two thousand and ten" or "twenty ten"