Saturday, April 3, 2010

mission reunion.

Last night I hosted my mission reunion in Midway (much more inviting then at a church cultural hall!)  With the help of some of the other missionaries and Facebook we got the word out and it was a great success.

We look like we are still missionaries, no one is touching each other!
Elder Price, me, Sister Breinholt (now Van Allen), Elder Prete and Elder Stillwell. 

Sister Gleed!
I LOVED the senior couples in my mission.  I severed with lots of couples at the Visitor Center.  Elder and Sister Gleed were in the mission home -she made sure we all got our mail!  

Sister Breinholt and I severed together for two transfers in the Santa Monica and Westwood II wards.  Fun, funny, exciting times!

And, for good old is a picture of the Visitor Center Sisters.
And, one of my favorites... my sister Tiffany came to see me (Aaron was doing an internship in LA for the summer).  This is the first time I met my niece Addie!