Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Castries, St. Lucia.

St. Lucia was one of the most beautiful islands we visited.  This is a picture taken at night as a storm started to roll in.
Every night at about five our ship would take off.  We would cruise all night and at about eight the next morning we would dock at a new island - we had a day on each island.  When we woke up and  looked out the window in St. Lucia we saw the cruise ship pictured above...its the ship we where on when we cruised to Bermuda a few years ago.
Beautiful St. Lucia.

Gregg went with my family to do a zip-line through the jungle of St. Lucia.  I will have to get some pictures from my mom of the adventure!  Nate, Truman and I stayed behind - we walked around and did some shopping.

It was very hot on the entire cruise.  It was an average of 87 degrees with very high humility.

There was an ice-skating rink on our ship - we enjoyed a fun an funny ice show one night.
Whats a cruise without a little late night room service?!?!