Monday, April 19, 2010

Birthday Time.

{warning: picture overload!}

The Happy Family.
We started off the day at the doctors office for Truman's one year check up.  He got five shots...ouch.
He weighs 18 pounds and is 28 inches long. 
Gregg wanted Truman to have a baseball glove and ball cake just like he did on his first birthday.

Gregg and Tara Simons February 7, 1979   {Gregg's first birthday}    AND Gregg and Tara 32 years later!!!
The Cake and the Cup Cakes.

He went for the ball first.

Tabatha and Gabrielle Fife, Truman, Stella and Presley McGown.

Like most mom's say "I can't believe my baby is one"  All weekend I was thinking about last year when I went into labor and delivered.  At one Truman knows a few words {his favorite in da'da}, he can crawl and is just starting to stand up on his own.  He LOVES the water {bath, shower, swimming pool}, his favorite foods are clementines and blueberries.  He will eat anything, and he can do patty-cake and wave bye-bye {I will post a video of it}.  He says "mmmm" when he see's food or is hungry, and he sleeps 12+ hours at night.  Can we get a guarantee our other kids will be this good??