Sunday, February 28, 2010


When the movie Julie and Julia came out I went and saw it at the theater with some girlfriends.  A couple of days ago we watched it again for Girls Night Out.  I think it is a darling movie and I felt inspired to try a Julia Child recipe.  I have made some of her recipes before when my sister and I took Gourmet Food in high school {we loved that class and still quote it all the time}. 

I went to the library and checked out her cook book Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume Two.  I also noticed the A&E biography on her and check it out.  My dad and I watched it together - according to her biography everything in the movie {Julia and Julie} about Julia Child is true.

A week ago Gregg, Truman and I were in Park City 'babysitting' for the Sumsion family.  I took the cookbook and Chloe and I decided to try a recipe.


We made Le Glorieux {a very rich, very light flour-less chocolate cake}.  It was really good.

Truman LOVED the Sumsions dog Indy.


If you like the movie and are at all interested in learning more about Julia Child, I highly recommend her biography.