Wednesday, February 24, 2010

byu basketball.

Last week my sister gave us some vouchers for two tickets to a BYU basketball game.  Monday while we were in Provo we stopped by the ticket office and picked up some tickets for the BYU vs. SDSU men's basketball game.

We had pizza with my brother Nate before heading to the game.

Thanks to Truman's cousin Presley for letting him borrow her PINK ear phones - they were great.

Truman sat bundled in Nate's sweater almost the entire game, I could not believe it.

Thanks Nate for taking a family photo!

Some drool and left over dinner on his face, yummy!

BYU scored over 80 points so we got some very yummy chocolate cake at Magleby's for free after the game.  Thanks Tiff for the tickets and thanks Magleby's for the free chocolate cake {and thanks BYU for scoring over 80 points}!

PS- BYU won.